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Learning Bilingual Online

Royal International Education offers a high-quality core online learning system through an online system, with one-on-one private classes and one-on-four small classes with our foreign teachers and native Mandarin teachers. Our courses include the flexible use of letters, pronunciations, words, grammar and languages. The curriculum provides kindergarten-to-primary students with varying degrees of Chinese and English, including opportunities to increase word recognition, word and sentence construction, and help stimulate their compositional ideas. Students can enhance their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. We also strengthen students’ reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, while helping them develop a sound language foundation and improve their bilingual skills. Through different subjects and a wide range of articles, students are able to increase vocabulary and French use in a short period of time. In addition, make reading a pleasure and let our teachers develop daily reading habits with their children.

Customize Your Own Class

Whether you want to improve your English or Mandarin reading and writing skills, learn more fluent bilingual conversations, or simply develop your language skills, we offer a range of flexible and personalized online courses to suit your unique learning style.

Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing

Royal International Education program offers a research-based strategy that specifically supports the English Learner (ELL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Our professional English loan teachers work side by side with you to provide you with the right English courses so you can interact confidently in the real world and accompany you to achieve your professional and personal goals.

Chinese literature courses

According to the literature curriculum, children become critical readers and acquire an alternative style of creation because they read a wide variety of famous writers and novels, non-fiction and poetry. We provide students with research guidance on new vocabulary and skills in the literature curriculum as a comprehensive and balanced literacy method.

We combine reading training to improve children’s ability to study topics, help students re-examine materials and analyze the reasons behind them, organize parts of the content, and ensure that the presentation of papers is properly translated. Teachers will encourage systematic thinking about writing, analyze the types of papers that are often tested, and teach higher levels of writing skills.

The structured process of our literary circle enables students to master the text, improve the ability of word segmentation and sentence-making, and accumulate vocabulary. Day-to-day students are better at playing a specific role and developing their skills during discussions or meetings.

Chinese Curriculum Standard

Our Chinese Program provide a comprehensive training under an international standardized Chinese language standard – The Youth Chinese Test (YCT).  It is directed at examining non-native primary and secondary school students’ ability to apply Chinese language in their studies and daily lives.

YCT consists of two independent parts: Written Test and Oral Test.

The written test is made up of four levels from YCT Level 1 to Level 4.

Level 1: For children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 80. Passed examinees can understand and use very basic Chinese words and sentences, and able to study further Chinese.

Level 2: For children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 150. Passed examinees can understand and use very basic Chinese words and sentences, capable of very basic communication needs.

Level 3: For children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 300. Passed examinees can produce simple and direct communication of their familiar day to day topic, reach the primary merit level of Chinese.

Level 4: For children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 600 and above. Passed examinees can carry out basic communication tasks of life, study and work. They can answer most communication tasks during a travel in China.

The oral test includes YCT-Speaking (Basic) and YCT-Speaking (Intermediate).

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