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Develop independent learning, independent thinking skills and a positive and persevering character.


Knowledge is power

With the goal of “knowledge is power”, Royal International Education Limited was founded by a group of passionate school teachers to help children develop an interest in independent learning, independent thinking skills and a positive and persevering character.

We provide quality and professional bilingual language education services in the local primary and secondary school students, as well as overseas student like Australia, England, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.

We use standard and native Mandarin as the language of instruction, allowing teachers and children to create a natural and joyful learning experience, so that children can continue to strengthen their curiosity while having fun, and then focus and persist in developing their own learning interests.

The Importance of Putonghua In The Future Development Of The World

“Putonghua education is entering a new stage of development, and an important hallmark of this stage is the use of Putonghua as a medium of instruction. “

Want to speak a language that more than a billion people use daily? Option for Mandarin! It is not only the most widely spoken language in the world but also the official tongue of China, one of the world’s most influential economic centers. Many schools have adopted the PTHC program, but not every student has the opportunity to learn and use in daily life. We were founded not only to create a language environment, but also to improve the language skills of our students. In addition to the four major areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing, we will also develop children’s learning attitudes and confidence to provide a high quality language program for the next generation.

Benefit of Learning a Second Language For Life

English is the dominant language in academia and the most common language in the world.  Learning English opens the door to some of the world’s top colleges and universities, particularly in the United States and United Kingdom. 

As a common second language-English, you can often speak with people in English to learn about your surroundings and cultures.  Our teachers will take you around the world in the books and help students access to the world’s best knowledge. 

“Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.”

Through reading with our teachers, student get to immerse deeply and connect dots a lot easier, which serves to open their eyes up to opportunity and sets them up for potential value creation. 

“Always Be Learning.”

If you’re looking to improve your English specifically to meet this criteria, you may need to start it right now so you can keep up with your classes with our 1-on-1 native teacher and learn effectively without stressing over your language barriers.

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